All players will participate in several fundraisers during the season to raise much-needed funds for our club. The success of the Sarasota Sailor Soccer Club depends on each and every player doing their best in these fundraisers.

We will be selling “SHS Spirit Souvenirs” at all home fall sports games (volleyball, football, xc) in order to raise money for our program. This would consist of displaying the items (bead necklaces, foam fingers, etc) on a table/cart at games and selling to fans. $ raised by players working it will go towards THEIR fundraising goals for this season. Great opportunity to hang out with/meet teammates at a game. It’s actually a lot of fun!!


Please sign up here (athletes and parents can help):


GiveLively individual fundraiser. Each player has a $500 goal for this effort. Click here...
Dominoes card.jpg

Dominoes Slice the Price Cards

Players will sell cards for $10 each in the preseason!

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